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UFX Fishing guide Juul: ‘Casting is key in 2022’

What are the plans and expectations for the new predator fishing season in The Netherlands? We ask our Amsterdam based fishing guide Juul Steyn to share his thoughts. One this is clear: besides fishing in Amsterdam he will also be guiding the challenging rivers Maas and Waal.

This is an outtake of the interview that was published on the Dutch predator website Roofmeister.

Text and photo’s: Juul Steyn

After a long and frankly pretty tough winter with rather few active fish I can't wait for the 'casting season' to open again. Just like the other UFX fishing guides, casting hard and soft baits is key, but I also like to focus on new finesse techniques. When fishing in Amsterdam I will be working with finesse techniques, including the Inu rig. On the Maas and, this year for the first time, the Waal, I will focus specifically on large zander, perch and asp.

Finesse fishing has become increasingly important when fishing for big perch

Finesse techniques on the rise

My work as a fishing guide in Amsterdam has changed radically since about three years now. This is a choice that my guests greatly appreciate. From 2007 to about 2018, I mainly fished vertical jigging technique and drop shotting. This all changed when I discovered finesse techniques. I got to know the power of the Carolina rig, Ned Rig and several other rigs. Casting these rigs is just so much more satisfying, and often a lot more effective, than simply vertical jigging. Fishing for zander and perch in The Netherlands got much more rewarding and fun.

Perch is especially interesting because they can be fooled in so many different ways

Casting fishing is so much more satisfying than simply yo-yoing under the boat

Over the past two years I have studied fishing with finesse techniques on the Maasplassen and I want to apply that experience in Amsterdam this season. We will be fishing for perch and zander with crank baits and twitch baits. But also with less commonly used techniques such as the Ned Rig, Carolina Rig, tubes and the Inu rig.

Big perch with the Inu rig

Vib lures and chatter baits

Two other baits that I will use with more in Amsterdam are vib lures and twith baits. These are loud and agitating lures to target large zander and perch, especially after sunset. The previous season proved that especially larger zander are triggered by these aggressive lures. And there will always be pike to take his chance…

Also I’m looking forward to fishing the Inu rig in the new season. My goal is to let my guests catch perch over 50 cm and zander over 80 cm with the Inu rig in Amsterdam this summer.

Few things are as satisfying as a hard thump on a twitch bait hanging still

Pelagic fishing in Amsterdam

Last but not least I want to tell you about pelagic fishing in Amsterdam. Let me tell you that a whole new world opened up for me the day I purchased my Garmin Livescope. Last winter I took my first steps in the world called 'pelagic fantastic' and that definitely leaves me wanting more. As a fishing guide in Amsterdam it’s just fantastic to offer this high-tech fishing technique to my guests.

Not in the least because the fish we catch while pelagic fishing are in general bigger than the fish we catch while casting hard and soft baits. Once you've experienced a bite of a big zander or pike live on your screen, you'll definitely want more. This is truly an addictive game. My pelagic challenge for this season is to catch a really large zander, say 90 cm or more, in half water.

Since purchasing a Garmin Livescope, a whole new world has opened up for me and my guests

Hard core hardbaits on the Maas and Waal

As far as predatory fishing on the river Maas and the river lakes is concerned, I will mainly focus on hard baits. Asp in the early morning, and as the day progresses we will be chasing perch and zander. Last year I was surprised by the beautiful perch that we found in the shallow waters along the shore. Here we were very effective with crank baits, chatter baits and vib lures.

UFX fishing guide Juul Steyn wants to focus even more on casting crank baits on the Maas next season

Fishing new territories requires further investigation. The same goes for the Waal, a body of water that has been looking at me questioningly for years now. This river was just begging me to be explored. My personal goal for the Maas en Waal is to focus on large asp with top water lures. This is an experience that none of my guests will ever forget.

New Siegersma fishing boat

The Siegersma Casting King 2.0 has been designed in such a way that it meets all the expectations of the active predator angler

I will be fishing with a brand new Siegersma Casting King 2.0 this year. This boat has been designed in such a way that it meets all the expectations of the active predator angler.

People who follow me know that I have been guiding on the river Maas with a Siegersma aluminum fishing boat for about two years now. I liked it so much that I decided last year to also replace my boat in Amsterdam with a Siegersma, equipped with a 70 HP Yamaha outboard. This 'Casting King 2.0' is a further development of my 'Maas boat' in which all my wishes have been worked out down to the last detail.

In practice this means that my guests have access to an extremely large casting deck at the front of the boat and a still spacious casting deck at the stern. On the front deck, guests have access to a Garmin Echomap Ultra 122 SV and on the console there is an Echomap 122SV and an Echomap 92UHD for optimal image under and around the boat.

UFX Fishing Guide Juul on the large front deck of his new Siegersma Fishing boat

All rods (St. Croix Legend Elite, Tournament and Premier equipped with Shimano reels and reels) are neatly stored under the foredeck and other materials and luggage are also 'below deck'. This allows you to enjoy a spacious, clean and very pleasant fishing boat, so you can get more fun out of your fishing day.

Beautiful fish were already caught with the Inu rig last winter, but the real Inu party won't start until this summer

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