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  • Thom Prüst

Start of new season!

One and a half week into the new lure fishing season and we are excited! Excited to be on the water again, excited to practise all kinds of lure fishing and, above all, excited to have our customers catching fish.

Every day of fishing creates new memories. Sometimes because a fish is caught for the first time, sometimes because a much wanted PB is set to new heights and sometimes because we lose that one special fish that couldn't be landed anyway. (That gigantic catfish that took the lure on a 14 grams rod and just stuck to the bottom for almost an hour after which the line cut off on a rock $%$%#$%#$@!!!!!!!)

Spike & Kyle on openingsweekend

Dirk & Francesco enjoying the weather and running out of luck after a good start (too many misses)

Luc with a new PB pike (and a new personal day record of number of pikes caught)

Sergio & Jonas with new PB's on their first boat fishing trip

Dirk, a specialist on vertical angling, taking his daughter out fishing for the first time

Frodo & Rolf catching zander finesse-style

Losing a huge catfish... finesse-style.....

And catching a new PB pike!!!!


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