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  • Thom Prüst

Catch report: last week on Hollands Diep

Less and less water to fish in; less and less current; extremely hot. Conditions are not XLNT to say the least. But, luckily as a last resort there's always a zander that is willing to bite. But of course, sometimes a pike or perch pays a visit.

Check out what our guide, Thom Prüst, most recent guiding days brought us when fishing Hollands Diep.

Pieter brought his son Simon for a single mission: to catch zander. And that's exactly what happened.

Maarten and Gunnar divided the species; Maarten caught several pikes and Gunnar several zander, both of them had some very nice specimen.

Yannick and Florian had a really good day of zander fishing: schlag auf schlag is what they say in German.

A short session jigging for zander between a school of bream with my buddy Ruud resulted in an unexpected and incredible outcome.

With Björn we jigged for zander and used the #livescope to target some zander. We were both very happy with the results.

Kees and his son Gijs came with a mission: dad had to catch a zander! Gijs showed his dad last year already how it had to be done, so now Kees had to prove his worth. And he did.

Kees actually brought a real grand slam into the boat.

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